mardi 12 mars 2013

Daniella Lehavi Event - Mall Ramat Aviv

Yesterday, I was in Mall in Ramat Aviv for the Daniella Lehavi Event.
It is well know for the best Mall in Israel. 
There are Ash for the Parisian doen't think to find that in Israel. 
There are also Armani, Dolce, Top Shop, Abercrombie, Nespresso...  What else ? 
It's the beautiful Mall it's the first time I discovered. 
I saw the big Publicity about Louis Vuitton, but I don't know what is it ? Maybe it's for oppening Shop ! 
I hope.. I'll find out mor ! 

Ok for the Daniella, it's a good atmosphere and a great PR with cocktail buffet and there are meringue with strawberry and Yogurt. 
In shop it's very beautiful bag for the styling. 
Great bag, pouch leathern with colors of moment, Black and white. 

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